What’s Next?

As we transition from a glorious 2018 – 2019 archery season, the gears behind Trojan Archery continue to churn. Old veterans have stepped down from their administrative positions while new archers rise to pick up the flag. As such, we would like to give a big welcome to our new Executive Board and Officers for the upcoming 2019 – 2020 school year. We are confident that these well-qualified team members will uphold the legacy of Trojan Archery:

President/Armorer – Mac Whitaker

Vice-President – Elizabeth Loxterkamp

Secretary – Katherine Morrison

Treasurer – Erin Ewalt

Director of Education – Simon Trinh

Olympic Recurve Captain – Michelle DeMers

Barebow Captain – Caesar (Mingyu) Cui

Webmaster – Kevin Yan

Click here to get to know our new Executive Board and Officers a little better!

The summer season is upon us here in Los Angeles, but Trojan Archery has been keeping busy nevertheless. Weekly practices continue on at Rancho Park, and for those who would like to share our equipment, resources, and coaches, summer membership is available for $50.

With everyone striving to improve themselves, several of our team members have decided to train and become certified USA Archery instructors. We are holding a summer Level 2 Instructor training course for those who want to join.

On top of that, Trojan Archery now has a new archery class available for in the Fall for USC students! The interest in this class exceeded our expectations, and both sessions are already full. As the summer continues, we will be working out lesson plans and preparing equipment to engage more students in the fun and competitive sport of archery! Until next time, Fight On!

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