Executive Board and Officers

Our 2019-2020 Executive Board

Click here for a list of past executive board members and officers.


Mac Whitaker, Co-President/Armorer (Certified L2 Instructor)

Mac is a Junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He shoots Barebow and built his first two bows himself!

Elizabeth Loxterkamp, Co-President

Elizabeth is a Ph.D. student in Neuroscience. She shoots Olympic Recurve and drinks too much coffee.

Katherine Morrison, Secretary (Certified L2 Instructor)

Katherine is a Sophomore pursuing a double degree in Psychology and Computational Neuroscience. She shoots Olympic Recurve and her favorite color is black.

Erin Ewalt, Treasurer

Erin is a Junior majoring in Communication. She shoots Olympic Recurve and her favorite color is cerulean blue.

42655887_1958596134437582_4594363741012754432_n - Edited (1)
Simon Trinh, Director of Education (Certified L2 Instructor)

Simon is a Junior majoring in Human Biology. He shoots Olympic Recurve and his favorite color is the red of a blazing sunset.

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Michelle DeMers, Olympic Recurve Captain (Certified L2 Instructor)

Michelle is a Sophomore majoring in Chemistry with an emphasis in Chemical Biology and minoring in Marine Biology. She shoots Olympic Recurve and her favorite color is mint green.

Caesar (Mingyu) Cui, Barebow Captain (Certified L2 Instructor)

Caesar is a Junior majoring in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. He shoots Barebow and his favorite color is blue.

Kevin Yan, Webmaster

Kevin is a Sophomore majoring in Computer Science. He shoots Barebow, and his favorite color is emerald green.

Daniel KwasniewskiDirector of Special Projects

Description to come!

Diego Montano, Armorer

Description to come!

Winston Wei, Armorer

Description to come!


There are a number of leadership opportunities within Trojan Archery:

  • Elected Positions
  • Appointed Positions
  • Instructors
  • Volunteers

Elected Positions – The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Team Captain(s) and Director of Education positions are elected each year in March for the following academic year. These generally need more experience from within the club, or substantial leadership experience elsewhere, and may have prerequisites. Elected individuals serve from the top down, managing paperwork, organizing schedules and deadlines, fundraising, and delegating to teams.

Appointed Positions – Other positions are appointed by the elected Executive Board. These are still considerable titles, but tend to require fewer hours. Appointed Officers, such as the Social Chair, can lead Committees, but can also operate independently, such as the Armorer.  Appointed positions can be taken up by the Executive Board members when necessary. Positions can also be combined or newly created as needed by the club.

Instruction – Club members also have the opportunity to gain instructor certifications through the nationally recognized USA Archery program. Instructors are the bread and butter of the club, and all operations would cease without them! Only certified instructors are allowed to operate and manage an active range – we would not be able to hold practice without our wonderful instructors. Only certified instructors are allowed to teach the sport to ensure all archers are shooting safely, both for their own physical health and the safety of others on the range. Any archer interested in learning more and willing to either run the range (range rules, whistle calls) or teach basic technique is encouraged to sign up for the subsidized class, which it typically held twice a year. WE NEED YOU! 

Peer-to-Peer Instruction – While we stress learning directly from our Instructors and Coaches, if you and fellow archers are working on similar goals during a practice, you can lead each other through peer-to-peer instruction. While one archer shoots, a peer can watch and spot technique that can be improved, and take pictures and video which are hugely helpful to have on hand to review, and to allow Instructors and Coaches to review. Peer-to-peer instruction is extremely valuable because it is challenging for our Instructors and Coaches to focus on every archer. It is even more valuable if your peers are certified. (Instructors like to shoot, too!)

Volunteers – Even if you aren’t able to serve consistently in a position, any amount of help is valued, whether it is coming early to help set up the range, make supply runs, or cheer on club and team members, any amount of help is appreciated. We will sometimes ask for volunteers for a specific event, or you can reach out to us with an idea. Want to lead a craft at the start of practice to make banners? Want to organize a group to grab boba after practice? Want to schedule study days with your fellow members? Want to lead a stretch circle? These are all great opportunities to lead. Just contact an officer and let us know what you’re planning!