Say Hi To 2022-2023’s Executive Board!

As we step into 2022’s summer season, we are excited to introduce our brand new Executive Board for this academic year!

Club President – Nikki Suh

Secretary – Emily Peng

Treasurer – Jessie Lee

Team Captain – Ethan Wang

Team Captain – Callia Geib

Media and Communications Chair – Allison Ou

Director of Education – Shirley Yu

Events Chair – Megan Mossembekker

Here we give a massive thank you to our old board who helped the club navigate through one of our most successful seasons yet!

Psst…if you are interested in receiving our community updates and archery tips, make sure to join our Facebook group for our members, alums, friends and family:

Once again, congratulations to our new leaders! We are excited to see what you bring to the club!

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