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Trojan Archery is fully run by undergraduate and graduate student volunteers at USC. Our coaches, too, are volunteers dedicating their time and expertise. We consider archery to be a unique sport that is more approachable to first time student athletes, because it allows them to move at their own pace and physical intensity, while building confidence and healthy peer relationships. It is both an individual and team sport with a wide variety of physical capabilities. We try to embody the spirit of archery by making the sport as accessible and enjoyable as possible for the Trojan Community.




By giving to Trojan Archery at USC, you help USC students to:

  • Become strong athletes, both physically and mentally
  • Develop healthy relationships with fellow Trojans and other collegiate archers
  • Compete individually and as a team representing USC and Trojan pride
  • Develop leadership skills as club officers, team captains, + certified instructors
  • Achieve goals, including the real possibility of participating in the Olympics



How We’ve Grown

During the 2017-2018 academic year, our membership grew from only 23 to 80 undergraduate, graduate and professional students. One third of general membership joined the team to compete in over 6 major tournaments, earning more than 10 medals at the local, regional, and national levels.

This year, we have already reached 60 in membership, including alumni who follow and support us. Half of membership has already committed to the team, some of whom have already competed at as many as 5 local tournaments, earning multiple awards. We are scheduled for more tournaments this year, including the Vegas Shoot, which is a World Archery event!



Like most sports, archery can have a financial barrier preventing students from fully participating. While we attempt to make the sport accessible by providing equipment and training, and by subsidizing competition expenses, we are not always able to meet everyone’s needs and desires, especially considering the extent of our growth.

Here are some numbers that show what it takes to support our members:

  • Team travel expenses can add up to nearly $8000 annually 
  • General equipment and upkeep averages at least $2000 annually
  • To provide a single bow setup to an archer costs between $300 to $800
  • To replace bales to maintain our PED range costs about $400 (we have 8)
  • Level 2 Instructor Certification costs upward of $200 (we subsidize for $80)



How can I give to Trojan Archery?

Monetary Donation

  • Follow the instructions on our Monetary Donation page to contribute online or by mail. There is a breakdown of Donation Categories so that you can choose the area of need you would like to support specifically.

Equipment Donation

  • Donating new and used equipment, accessories and/or supplies helps to alleviate our officers who often must purchase these items and wait (painfully long) for reimbursement. Follow the instructions on our Equipment Donation page!

Send a Shout Out

  • Unable to donate, but still want to support the club and team? Send us a Shout Out to support our archers as they develop as athletes and leaders! Just fill out the form on our Send a Shout Out page.