Equipment Donation

We greatly appreciate any equipment or supplies donations. Simply fill out the Equipment Donation Form, and we’ll will be in touch regarding the exchange. Local donations can be scheduled for pick up or drop off, or we can arrange shipping options.

Below are some notes on what can be donated and how these donations are helpful to us. We also appreciate any items not included on this page or in the donation form.

New Equipment

  • Providing new equipment rather than just a monetary donation helps us immensely, because, unless a vendor accepts checks, our officers purchase new equipment for the club and team through reimbursements, which can be difficult to sustain during the lengthy reimbursement process.
  • A letter for tax purposes can be issued for the value stated on the receipt.

Used Equipment

  • We would love to put your old equipment and accessories to good use! Much of our equipment is handed down for generations within the club.
  • A letter for tax purposes can only be issued for the receipt of the items, not a specific value for those items, which must be determined by the donor.


  • Targets surprisingly take up a decent amount of our budget. We appreciate any target donations.
  • A letter for tax purposes can be issued for brand new targets with proper receipts.


  • Our targets last longer when supported by cardboard backing. We appreciate any cardboard donations because we go through targets often at our size. The cardboard needs to be large and flat enough to support either a 40cm target or a vertical three spot.


  • Bales make up a huge chunk of our budget for range maintenance. Any spare bales, or preferably new bales (maybe a beautiful Rinehart?!), would be greatly appreciated. They really take a beating from our 200+ beginners and 60-80 members.