Trojan Archery is dedicated to the education of new and experienced archers. In addition to providing lessons, we provide written educational content on the sport, such as barebow shooting and equipment guides.

In the meantime, please see below for our favorite online resources for archers.

Outside Content Creators

NuSensei – A great YouTuber for beginners and intermediates, NuSensei demonstrates much of the NTS form we teach, and addresses many beginner tips. He also reviews a variety of archery gear, from risers and limbs to quivers and arrows. Check out his Archery Tips and Info playlist.

The Push – A traditional focused channel, The Push is most helpful for barebow, but some of their mental game and tuning  content can help anyone. Check out The Push Film or The Push Podcast, especially coaching moments 9 and 10 for barebow aiming tips

TradLab – Aimed at advanced archers trying to tune or invest in well fitted limbs, the TradLab scientifically tests a number of variables in arrow tuning and limbs.

Helpful Websites

ArcheryTalk Forum – A place to talk with the archery community as well as shop used equipment. The general page is more compound focused, but the FITA and Trad pages are a good resource for recurve archers, as well as the TradTalk forum.


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