Official USC Archery Class: PHED-148

Did you know that USC’s Physical Education department offers an official archery class? Open to all students, PHED-148: Archery is a one-unit course taught by renowned archery coaches, Eric Tollefson (USA Archery L5-NTS Coach) and Laurence Mo (USA Archery L4-NTS Coach), and developed by Daniel Kwasniewski (USA Archery L4-NTS Coach).

This is an introductory course to help teach each student the fundamental skills of archery. No prior experience is required, but if you want to keep developing your shooting skills, all students are welcome to enroll. Classes will focus on developing a basic understanding of the following skills: basic technique, types of archery, scoring, rules, practice drills, exercise, and equipment. To read more, click here for a past class syllabus.

Due to the popularity of this course, USC offers two options on Friday mornings and afternoons. Please check the USC course catalogue for the latest updates and to register.

If you aren’t able to join the class but still want to learn archery, join us at one of our on-campus practices (with free archery instruction) and try your hand at shooting! For more information, see our page on our free weekly lessons with certified USA Archery Level 2 Instructors. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to sign-up!

For any further questions regarding PHED-148 and/or Trojan Archery, feel free to contact us any time at or through our contact form. Shoot on!