Trojan Archery Competitive Team

Trojan Archery’s Competitive Team is comprised of 50 Barebow, Olympic Recurve, and Compound Archers.


The Trojan Archery Team attends multiple competitions each academic year, most of which occur in the spring semester.

Archery competitions are generally you against your personal best – your score is ranked independently against all other archers in your category, but you still represent your school! Some competitions do include team rounds.

Trojan Archery mainly shoots Indoor 300 and 600 Rounds, as well as Outdoor 720 and 1440 Rounds, Team Rounds and Eliminations.

Indoor Target Archery Competitions are shot a distance of 18 meters on flat floors on 40cm targets or three spot targets. Indoor season runs from January through February, though some qualifiers occur in the fall.


Outdoor Target Archery Competitions range from 30 meters to 90 meters, mostly on flat terrain, using 80cm and 122cm targets depending upon your bow style. It is recommended to shoot at a minimum weight of 30 lbs to make the distance and combat wind resistance. However, free spirits shooting low weight who are willing to search for (hopefully vibrant) arrows in the grass are more than welcome! Outdoor competitions also include team rounds, where the team’s overall score is considered.

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General Scoring – Indoor 300 and 600 Rounds are ends of 3 arrows, for 10 and 20 ends, for a possible total of 300 and 600 points, respectively. Outdoor 720 and 1440 Rounds are ends of 6 arrows, for 12 and 24 ends, for a possible total of 720 and 1440 points, respectively.

Team Rounds –  Regular team rounds are 3 men or 3 women matches based on a set system of 6 arrow ends, 2 per archer, first to five wins. Mixed Team Rounds are 1 man and 1 woman, 4 arrow ends, 2 per archer, first five wins.

Eliminations – Single Eliminations are based on ranked brackets determined by qualifying scores, where archers face off for the top seed. Round Robin Eliminations are separated into flights of archers in head-to-head matches of 3 arrow ends, first to six wins, where the archers shuffle opponents within the flights.

The Pasadena Roving Archers and Rancho Park Archers host local tournaments in which many of our members choose to compete.