Donation Categories

As a supporter of Trojan Archery, you have the option to donate toward a specific area of need. The categories below provide an outline of average expenses so that you know exactly what we put your donation towards. You can indicate on the Monetary Donation Form which category you’d like to support.


The most fundamental expense for any aspiring Trojan archer – membership in Trojan Archery! Our membership dues cover basic equipment and range maintenance, socials, development and competition expenses, and we just about break even. We try to offer a fair rate while ensuring we are covering our expenses, but we understand that membership dues are still a considerable cost. For some aspiring archers, membership may just be beyond reach. You can help to jumpstart a student’s passion for archery by donating a membership. Have a friend or family member who may be interested in joining? Let us know if you’d like to pass on the gift of membership to a specific recipient!

  • $100 = one semester membership (Fall or Spring)
  • $150 = one academic year membership 
  • $50 = one summer membership


Trojan Archery has been expanding so rapidly that we have been trying to fill gaps in our equipment inventory. We provide equipment to club and team members to enable them to access the sport without a steep financial burden. Funds from dues covers upkeep, but we seek additional support to expand our library. Beyond our increasing numbers, we have a diverse group of archers with specific equipment needs that we cannot always meet. We are also trying to build up Bowhunter and Compound teams, which require new bows and accessories. By donating to Equipment, you help us support archers of all sizes and styles!

  • $2-100 = basic bow accessories (arrow rests, bow stands, shot trainers, etc.)
  • $50-80 = one set of arrows (needed in many lengths and spines) 
  • $100-300 = intermediate to advanced accessories (side rods, stabilizers, etc.)
  • $100-300 = one set of limbs (needed in many lengths and weights)
  • $200 = one compound release aid (needed in many sizes and styles)
  • $200-600 = one recurve riser (beginner to advanced)
  • $300 = one compound bow (beginner to intermediate)

Range Maintenance

Teaching an average of 200 students and retaining a membership upwards of 80 people takes its toll on our range setup. We spend hundreds of dollars just to provide targets for regular practices. Bales have a short lifetime at this rate and need to be replaced every few years. We also need bales sturdy enough for bow weights of close to 50 pounds! Additional nets allow us to better protect our range environment. Our handmade bow stands also need occasional upkeep and replacement. By donating to Range Maintenance, you help us keep our range active and safe throughout the year!

  • $10 = one whistle for range safety
  • $20 = one pack of targets
  • $150 = one bow stand
  • $400 = one backstop net
  • $400 = one bale

Leadership Development

We believe in developing strong athletes and leaders. We try to subsidize as many expenses as possible, but we strive to provide more to our members. Our club, team, and range are all managed by individual student leaders who volunteer their time to improve the club and themselves. By donating to Leadership Development, you enable Trojan Archery to provide more accessible leadership and training opportunities!

  • $5-10 = one official USA Archery Achievement Pin and Lanyard
  • $10 = one Trojan Archery Instructor shirt
  • $40 = materials and instruction for one workshop
  • $80 = L1/L2 Instructor Certification training for one member

Coach Support

Our coaches are 100% volunteers as we cannot afford to pay a rate for their expertise. Instead, we try to give back by incorporating travel costs into our budget, but we still fall short of being able to pay for all Coach expenses. We are also fortunate to have a number of highly certified coaches, as well as experienced members aspiring to become coaches, who pay for their certification costs and upkeep. By donating to Coach Support, you enable use to invest more in the amazing coaches dedicated to Trojan Archery!

  • $20-30 = gas for practice and competition travel
  • $30-40 = one meal during competition weekends
  • $100-300 = one hotel room during competition weekends
  • $300-1200 = L3/L4 Coach Certification


Trojan Archery tries to cover all hotel costs when possible, but registration and carpool expenses are expected to be paid by team members. Jerseys are also mandatory to be able to compete with the collegiate team, but we are only able to subsidize the cost of one per person. For some of our students, simultaneous registrations, carpools, and jersey expenses are challenging to cover and discourage students from competing. By donating to Competition, you enable us to give financial support to our archers so that all can equally access and enjoy competition.

  • $10-20 = gas for carpool per person
  • $40-80 = one official jersey (mandatory for competition)
  • $50-100 = one rental car to transport 5 team members
  • $60-175 = tournament registration for one person


While some snacks are usually provided at competitions, these are sometimes covered by our generous members. Meals are not typically provided because our budget is taken up mostly by travel and lodging. By donating to Meals, you help to ensure that our archers stay energized and hydrated without having to pay out of pocket. You can also help us to provide meals to our dedicated volunteer coaches!

  • $5 = one pack of snacks & water 
  • $15 = one lunch 
  • $30 = one dinner