Trojan Archery hosts a variety of events on-campus and off campus available for our recreational and competitive shooters. Though we train hard, we make sure we have fun throughout the academic year!

Take a look at what we’ve done!

Weekly Beginner and Intermediate Archery Lessons

Every week, Trojan Archery holds beginner and returner lessons in addition to club and team practices. Our USAA-Certified Level 2 Instructors are proud to show off their love of archery and pass on a new skillset to the USC student body.

On-Campus 300 Rounds

After a few weeks of beginner lessons, we start offering on-campus 300 rounds available to all our members, even beginners! We love introducing our recreational shooters to competitive-style archery and having fun while also participating in USA Archery’s Pin Achievement Program!

Halloween Shoot-Out!

Trojan Archery deviated slightly from its longstanding Halloween tradition of pumpkin carving and monster hunting, opting instead for a more nuanced approach of shooting games and a costume contest. Members took aim at ghosts, Cthulhu, a six-legged spider unfortunate enough to find itself on the receiving end of our archers’ arrows for the second year in a row, and the ever-present tic-tac-toe (because at the end of the day, there’s still nothing quite like a good old-fashioned team chant to close out the night).

Annual Spring Fundraiser Tournament

In an effort to support its mission to teach the USC community and to achieve excellence in competition, Trojan Archery proudly presents the Trojan Archery Fundraiser 600 Round. The tournament is composed of two 30 arrow rounds at 18 meters across multiple divisions and age groups. Awards are given to the top three archers in each division. All funds go directly to help defray the costs of range maintenance and club equipment, as well as travel and lodging for the Trojan Archery Team. Read more here.

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