Club Membership Benefits

Membership is open to USC undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni. You do not have to have any previous experience or own any equipment to join, and your first two practices are FREE

Membership Package – Access to Equipment – 17 Hours of Practice – Access to Certified Instructors and Coaches – Collegiate Joint Practices – USA Archery Achievement Program and Certification – Access to the Pasadena Roving Archers (PRA) and the Rancho Park Archery Ranges – Vendor Discounts

Membership Package – stretch band, curriculum cards, archery themed pins, and club T-shirts; everything you need to proudly rep your status as a card-carrying member of Trojan Archery!

Access to equipment – access to club equipment is included in membership dues. This allows you to start shooting immediately and to experiment with different types of equipment before purchasing to your own set (at your own pace).

17 hours of practice time – 7 hours of open practice on campus each week and 10 hours of off-campus practice for members preparing for the competitive season.

Access to instructors and coaches – our coaches and instructors have completed rigorous training in a nationally recognized program offered by USA Archery. Of the five levels of certification, two of our coaches, Terri and Jim, have Level 4 certification. There are fewer than 200 Level 4 coaches in the nation! Trojan Archery trains a number of certified Level 2 Instructors and all are able to provide valuable guidance to help you to develop your skills. Our official coaches focus on more advanced development in the different disciplines of archery.

Collegiate Joint Practices – occasionally, Trojan Archery will schedule a weekend joint practice with other collegiate archery clubs in Southern California. In the past this has included the UCSD Sun God Archery Club in San Diego. These practices provide a greater sense of community and create a nurturing environment, drawing from the experience of both clubs.

Local, Regional, and National Competitions – Trojan Archery is deeply rooted in a culture of competition. Members interested may join the competitive team, which travels to different parts of California and the nation to compete against other universities on several different levels of competition. This is open to all members regardless of experience or skill. Talk to an officer or email us at if you are interested in representing USC.

USA Archery Achievement Program – USA Archery features an adult achievement program through which an archer can earn official enamel pins for passing certain milestones in each bow style. Archers can only access the program through participating clubs, and we’re one of them!

USA Archery Certification –  our members have access to basic levels of certification. Most of our archers complete Level 2 certification to host practice sessions and train other archers for basic certification. This is a great leadership opportunity and could eventually lead to professional gigs!

Access to the Pasadena Roving Archers – our members have access to a college discount for additional membership to the PRA, which gives you greater access to the range for personal practice time, as well as to a number of competitions and classes held on a weekly basis.

Access to the Rancho Park Archery Range – Trojan Archery has reserved additional team practice time in this dedicated space on Tuesdays and Thursday. Speak to an officer for more information about accessing this range.

Vendor Discounts – we are fortunate to have the support of a number of vendors who offer discounts to our club members to make archery more affordable and accessible! Check out our supporters in the sidebar of this page!

Club Membership Dues

Dues cover equipment costs, practice space, lessons from certified instructors, and access to our vendor discounts.

You can pay for a single semester ($100.00), or for the academic year ($150.00)You are required to pay dues by your third archery practice.

For anyone local during the summer, we still practice at the Rancho Park and Pasadena range locations. Whether summer club practices are available is at the discretion of the club each year. Summer membership is $50.

The club accepts CashApp, cash, or check made out to Trojan Archery. There are ATMs conveniently located outside of the Student Union, just a short walk from our PED practice space.

Team Membership

Our team at the 2019 Southern California Indoor Archery Collegiate Competition! Many medalists from this team were first-time competitors and scored exceptionally well!

Becoming a Team Member gives you access to:

  • Advanced guidance from our certified coaches
  • Team practice time
  • Competition eligibility
  • Competition equipment
  • Official team jersey

There are no Team Dues, but Team Members must become Collegiate Members of USA Archery to compete in any official tournaments. Team Members are expected to cover registration costs per tournament. The club subsidizes the cost of an official jersey, as well as travel costs.

Competitions range in difficulty and style of archery. You do not have to participate in every competition to join the team. Our Team Captain(s) and Head Coach will decide whether team members are prepared for a competition based on form consistency and minimum scores relative to the level of competition. Speak with one of our officers about your interest in becoming a team member.

Our team competes at several tournaments per year, so there are many opportunities to show off your skills!

To find out more about joining the team, click here.

Staff and Faculty Membership

Current USC Staff and Faculty are encouraged to become members of Trojan Archery if they are interested in pursuing their own personal development in the sport.

Benefits Include:

  • Access to Training Equipment
  • Practice Time
  • Access to Coaching
  • USA Archery Achievement Program
  • Vendor Discounts

This membership costs $50 per academic semester and requires a physical IM leagues waiver through Trojan Archery.

Alumni, Staff, and Faculty Members are able to access our practice times at all locations, but coaching will be focused toward Team Members at any Team Practices.

Can’t join us? Consider taking PHED-148: USC’s official archery class!

Ready to shoot?

For any questions, please feel free contact us any time. We look forward to seeing you at practice!