Meet Our Coaches!

For Trojan Archery members who progress to the team, we have a great staff of coaches, and there will always be a coach at practice. Coaches help our archers to set form goals and fix inconsistencies or stresses of the shot process.

Head Coach

Dan Kwasniewski

Level 4 NTS Coach

Former Trojan Archery President, Dan is both a team member and coach, and among other awards was California Indoor State Champion in 2019.

Huy Phan

Level 3 NTS Coach

Huy previously served as Director of Education for the team, and competed in the last season, and now coaches at our Rancho Park practices.

Alex Aloia

Level 3 NTS Coach

Alex is a former team member, and having shot both barebow and bowhunter, hopes to transition interested team members to our compound program.

Terri MacQuarrie

Level 4 NTS Coach

Past-President of the Pasadena Roving Archers (PRA), Terri is currently a Lecturer at the University of Southern California, teaching archery classes.

Jim MacQuarrie

Level 3 NTS Coach

Jim is a PRA JOAD coach and Terri’s husband, and always has a quick-witted retort ready.

Luke Dever

Level 3 NTS Coach

Luke is the PRA JOAD division Compound coach and an excellent shooter himself, and hopes to be coaching more compound archers this coming season.

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