How Do You Know if Archery is the Right Collegiate Sport for You?

So you want to join a club in college, but what? How are you going to choose out of the hundreds of student organizations?

If you’re lost in the sea of club options, we’re going to help you with a little recreational sport matchmaking. Here’s our take on why Archery might be your next favorite hobby.

  1. You want to exercise, but you don’t want heavy exercise. Want to be fit but not have to do too much work? Want to get into sports, but don’t have much strength or athletic experience? No problem! Did you know that archery is one of the most calorie intensive sports? You don’t need to be a heavy weightlifter to pick up a bow, but you can have toned muscles by the end of the semester! If you want to turn the exercise up a notch, there’s always a way to step up your warrior maiden full-body workout. Archery is also an excellent athletic option for athletes with physical or cognitive impairments. Collegiate archery is truly a great sport for people at all levels of the athletic scale!
  1. You can learn archery fast. Like achieving your goals and dreams? Fulfill your geeky, historical desires and your fictional archery fantasies… now! There’s a fast learning curve and you’ll be hitting 10s faster than you can write a term paper. If you like seeing noticeable improvement, archery is perfect for that! You can earn official USA Archery pins that spotlight not only your achievements but also all the progress you’ve made so far.
  1. Flexible Time Commitment. You pick up a bow. You put it down. You come back when you can. Perfect for busy students who don’t know when they have free time!
  1. If you like variationArchers keep the game fresh throughout the year by switching between indoor, outdoor, and field archery. You can also customise your experience down to the equipment you shoot. Pick up a Compound Bow instead of a Recurve Bow, or shoot outdoor 3D targets instead of ones on a wall! There’s a type of archery for you. Shoot whatever calls to you and get exploring!
  1. You can do it alone. You can do it as a team. Introvert? Happy in your own thoughts? Don’t want to talk to others unless needed? Totally okay! But if you like people, the archery community is vibrant and friendly! They’re very supportive, ready to help you when needed and are excited to see you grow as an archer. Also, if you choose to compete – which anyone can become involved in! – there are plenty of team challenges and events for you to meet new people, make friends, and enjoy archery together!
  1. You like mental challenges. Are you the next Sherlock Holmes? Do you like solving puzzles and brainteasers, or conducting science experiments? Alright, we’ve got an important confession to make: archery is harder than it looks – if you want to shoot well. Archery requires a lot of problem-solving and testing to figure out why your arrow isn’t flying a certain way. This sport requires a lot of strategizing and testing, so if science, tinkering, and problem-solving make you tick, archery is a great fit. Archery is not only a physical game but a mental game too. Test your mental mettle and show the world what your mind is made of!
  1. You can earn money. When you gain a good understanding of archery, you can start helping others get started in the sport. Get certified and become an official USA Archery instructor if you’re 18+ and want to help others grow as archers. Plenty of paying gigs exist and archery communities all over the world need you! Trojan Archery has coaches and instructors ready to guide you when you’re ready to explore the world of archery instruction!

If you skimmed through this list, the most important thing you need to know is that archery is for anyone. You don’t have to like any of the items listed above to get involved and try archery. Plus, if you’re not convinced that it’s a worthwhile use of your time, stick it on your resume for an awesome extracurricular activity and gain an incredible, new skill that makes you look cooler than anyone on frat row. Are you ready to shoot? 


Are you ready to shoot? Trojan Archery is here to help! If you’re a USC student, staff, faculty, or alumni, come shoot with us! We offer free first-time beginner lessons throughout the school year to help you get started in archery. Visit our Join Us page to learn more about getting involved. Reach out to us anytime through our contact form with any questions. See you at practice – Shoot on!

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