Trojan Archery holds beginner lessons, as well as additional instruction throughout club and team practices (see schedule). We also offer Group Instruction which reserves instructors and practice time for your party.

To access the range, you must sign up for and complete the introductory First Timer Lesson. If you are returning or have previous archery experience, you must have an Instructor go through a refresher safety lesson with you. 



IMLeagues Participation Form
USC requires students to join our IMLeagues and complete the Club Sports Participation Form before participating. For Alumni, Staff, Faculty, or Guests, a paper waiver will be available on site. It takes about 5 minutes to complete.

For a refresher on how to join our team on IMLeagues, click here. At the top there should be a green box with a link to the form. If it says Verified, you’re good, but if it says Required, please click and complete the form. This is what a verified form looks like. If you need help, bring your insurance information to practice and we’ll walk you through it.



First Timer Lesson

This introductory lesson is required for any individual interested in shooting archery at USC. We cover basic equipment, technique, and safety to ensure you know how to handle a bow safely in respective to your body mechanics and your environment.

Sign up for our mailing list in order to receive signups for First Timer Lessons, which are scheduled during our PED practice times. The first two weeks of each semester are heavily focused on First Timer Lessons, but we do rollover signups throughout the semesters.

Beginner and Intermediate Instruction

For Club Members, Trojan Archery offers lessons to continue development which typically take place at the start of practices. These lessons often focus on one aspect of technique, which then should become a focus for the rest of practice. We also discuss equipment, maintenance, and self care. These do not require sign ups and will occur regularly throughout the semesters.

Intermediate and Advanced Instruction

Instructors and Coaches will cover more advanced topics during team practices. Talk to our Officers, Team Members, or Coaches if you are interested in becoming more competitive or would like more advanced instruction.


Group Instruction

If you have a special event or a group of friends that wants to reserve time together, you can request a Group Lesson. We charge $10 per person for groups of 5-25 people. One to two of our instructors will be reserved specifically for your group to guide you through the beginning lesson and your practice time immediately following. If you are interested in reserving time for a Group Lesson, contact us with the details!

Private Instruction

If you would like more individualized attention, our Instructors and Coaches are available for private archery lessons. Payment is determined by each Instructor or Coach, and will vary by experience and certification level. Please contact us with details regarding your interests (bow style, competitive interest, budget, equipment access, availability, etc.) and we will help to provide you with the best options.