Introduction to Stringwalking

Stringwalking may sound like a difficult technique, but at the end of the day, it is no harder and can be more accurate than gap shooting.
When stringwalking, a barebow archer keeps the point of the arrow directly on the gold at any distance, unlike gap shooting. In order to actually hit gold, we move our fingers down the string, away from the nock of the arrow and pull from different places on the string to shoot at different distances. The farther our fingers are to the nocking point, the flatter the launch angle of the arrow becomes, therefore it will hit lower, corresponding to a shorter flight distance. Continue reading Introduction to Stringwalking

So You Want to be a (Barebow) Archer: Instincts, Gap, and String Walking

A common quandary we here at Trojan Archery encounters when teaching beginners–who all are introduced to archery through the barebow style–is how to teach them to aim. For shorter distances, the concept of “instinctive” aiming is straightforward; what you’re looking at is usually what you hit. However, for longer distances, and especially with elevation changes akin to those in a field round, the answer of … Continue reading So You Want to be a (Barebow) Archer: Instincts, Gap, and String Walking