Goodbye Grads, Hello Alumni!!

Congratulations to everyone for surviving another semester! Summer is finally here, and for those of you remaining in Los Angeles, we’ll be organizing a Facebook group to facilitate practice times soon.

With the year closing, we also find it important to recognize members of the Trojan Archery Team that have graduated!

We offer our congratulations to:


Laurel Paxton


Alexandra Aloia

Vijay Kothapalli

Sarah Riaz


Samantha Stott

Selina Wan

Anthony Garcia

Here’s to all the hard work you put into this team and into earning your degree. We hope you carry the Trojan spirit into your future endeavors! In addition to saying goodbye to the above individuals, we have a number of archers studying abroad next year, and wish them the best of luck as they go abroad:

Allison Ou

Nicole Tubman

To everyone we mentioned and to everyone currently on the team, we are incredibly thankful for your contributions throughout the past years, and we look forward to the years to come. Fight On!

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