Trojan Archery Welcomes Its Newest Members of the All-American and All-American Academic Teams

The Trojan Archery team would like to extend its congratulations to four of our archers for their achievement as student athletes. USA Archery honors the top-ranking collegiate archers in the United States and we are proud to announce that Trojan Archery has not one – but FOUR – archers who have been awarded the most prestigious national collegiate titles.

2020 All-American Academic Team

Congratulations to our own Dan KwasniewskiAadi Ghildiyal, and Shirley Yu for making the United States 2020 All-American Academic Team!

This collegiate award celebrates excellence in the classroom and on the target. It is given to archers in the top 25% of their divisions with a 3.5+ GPA. Our team is incredibly proud of our incoming team captains Aadi and Shirley, and our soon-to-be-Ph.D recurve all-star Dan!

Congratulations to these outstanding student-athletes!

2020 Collegiate All-American Team

A special congratulations to Mac Whitaker for making the USA’s All-American Team for Men’s Barebow!

The 2020 All-American Team is composed of to the Top 25% of archers (rounded up to nearest whole number) in each Division and Class that participated in the U.S. National Indoors in the same division (maximum 10) and was calculated by taking the arrow average from the USA Archery Indoor Nationals.

This is one of the most prestigious honors that an archer can earn in Collegiate Archery – which only goes to the Top 10 archers in their division following the end of the competitive season.

Since Trojan Archery restarted its Barebow Competitive Team in 2017, Mac has paved the way of success and is the first All-American for the University of Southern California since 2008. This is hopefully the first of many to come not only for our barebow archer division, but the rest of the competitive team.

Congratulations to all – we can’t wait to see your continued success!

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