Beginner’s Luck!

21272350_2011827065713463_8888902152374246768_nWelcome back archers! We hope your semester had a great start. The first Trojan Archery Beginners Practice was a success! Thanks to the hard work of our instructors, we were able to host nearly 40 beginner archers in one session.

If you were not able to attend Wednesday’s practice, then you’re in luck! In response to the overwhelming interest in our club, we are hosting an additional Beginners Practice session this Friday. That makes TWO Beginners Practice sessions back to back. Our instructors will be working with 80 new archers!

We will be hosting Beginners Practice sessions next week as well, so remember to subscribe to the newsletter and sign up for the practices. We can only take so many archers for one practice, so don’t wait too long or you may lose your spot!

REMINDER: everyone MUST complete the IMLeagues form on the Practice Sessions page BEFORE attending your first practice. If you have not yet completed this form, please remember that it is a requirement of USC and we will not be able to welcome you into the club without it!

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