The First Pin’s the Sweetest

This past Friday, our club members participated in their first official scoring round: 3 arrows over 10 ends for a total of 300 points. Did things get intense? Maybe. Did people enjoy themselves? Sure looks like it.


This was also the first opportunity for our club members to begin earning their achievement pins. This was an opportunity for our members to check their growth and appreciate how far they have progressed since beginning this semester. Many archers earned their first pin as well; pictures were taken; parents were called.


We look forward to hosting more scoring rounds in the future and hope to see all our club members grow and continue on to earn more and more pins in their respective disciplines. If you have not had a chance to dip your toe into the scoring rounds yet and would like to get more information, please check in with an officer and our sign up for our mailing list.

Until next time, fellow Trojans. Shoot on!

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