Congratulations to Our Class of 2022!

Congratulations to the Class of 2022! This year, ELEVEN of our team members are graduating with degrees from the University of Southern California! We are so thrilled to celebrate their achievements! Aadi Ghildiyal Aadi had been shooting for 6 years before she joined Trojan Archery in Spring of 2019. As a dedicated archer, she has brought home many titles and medals. During her first semester … Continue reading Congratulations to Our Class of 2022!

The September Social

With the month of September winding down, we are happy to report that the club practices are going strong! We have taught over 150 new archers, many of whom have since joined as official club members. In light of the new members’ dedication to return to the same place every Friday night and launch projectiles into giant foam Oreos, we at Trojan Archery decided to … Continue reading The September Social

PRA Power Presence at CA State Games (and Beyond)

With the results of the California State Games out, we at Trojan Archery would like to recognize the performance of our fellow archers-in-arms from the Pasadena Roving Archers, many of whom garnered places on the podium for their respective divisions. The tournament featured individual events at 3 different distances and a total of 90 scored arrows, with archers split into divisions based on age and … Continue reading PRA Power Presence at CA State Games (and Beyond)

Rivalry Week Recap: USC vs. UCLA Archery

Following in the wake of the USC-UCLA rivalry week, we here at Trojan Archery thought it would be good to try and build a sense of community and camaraderie with our brothers and sisters in arm guards at UCLA by…… …….having a joint-shoot-turned-tournament. Because sibling-esque rivalry is how we show each other love. The mini tourney featured individual events at 18 meters with archers shooting … Continue reading Rivalry Week Recap: USC vs. UCLA Archery

The First Pin’s the Sweetest

This past Friday, our club members participated in their first official scoring round: 3 arrows over 10 ends for a total of 300 points. Did things get intense? Maybe. Did people enjoy themselves? Sure looks like it. This was also the first opportunity for our club members to begin earning their achievement pins. This was an opportunity for our members to check their growth and … Continue reading The First Pin’s the Sweetest

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Captain Max!

So evidently “next time” came a lot sooner than we had planned. But it’s okay because there are awesome Halloween photos to share with you all! This past Friday, Trojan Archery continued a long-running tradition of the club and hosted our annual pumpkin carving and monster shoot.  Our members took off the kid gloves and took down some monsters. They then threw down even more … Continue reading It’s the Great Pumpkin, Captain Max!

This is Halloween

Do you want to prove yourself to be the Pumpkin-g of Trojan Archery? Then come join Trojan Archery for some pumpkin carving this upcoming Friday, October 27th and the subsequent shooting of the carved pumpkin on Sunday, October 29th at the Pasadena Roving Archer range! You bring the artistic finesse, and we’ll bring everything else. Even if you’re not feeling the pumpkin hype, come join us this Friday … Continue reading This is Halloween

Joint summer practice with SGA: Sun God Archery at UCSD

Sunday, July 2nd, Trojan Archery met SGA: Sun God Archery at UCSD for a joint off-season practice session at the UCSD Sports Deck practice field. It was a privilege to practice in such a great space and with the additional guidance of experienced SGA officers. Thank you to SGA for being fantastic hosts and thanks to everyone who attended! All archers should aim to get … Continue reading Joint summer practice with SGA: Sun God Archery at UCSD