Trojan Archery’s Competitive Team: Now Recruiting!

Hello Trojan Archery Family!

We are reaching out to all general club members to see who is interested in representing USC at the local, regional and national levels by competing with the Trojan Archery Competitive Team. During the fall semester, the Team competes in local tournaments at the Pasadena Roving Archers (PRA), as well as in scrimmages with other schools such as UCLA, Long Beach, and Cal State Northridge. During the Spring Semester, the Team travels to about 4-5  tournaments, regional and national. It is not required for team members to participate in every tournament. 

Please fill out this survey if you are interested in joining the team.



The Trojan Archery Team welcomes both undergraduate and graduate students of all skill levels. The goal of competing is completely attainable for someone during their first year of archery, and we have had many first-time club members compete in the past. This year, Trojan Archery has even more potential because of our increase in practice time, and thanks to our certified USA Archery Coaching Staff: Lvl 4 NTS-Coach Terri, Lvl 3-NTS Coaches Jim, Luke, and Brian, as well as former Team USA member and USC alum, Joe Fanchin. We hope to have all interested members compete in at least ONE tournament. 

Interested club members are expected to have developed basic form and minimum scores (nothing unattainable!) before attending team practices at Rancho Park or PRA. Our Team Captains will approach all interested members and evaluate their progress before a formal invitation.

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Please fill out the Survey to show if you are interested in joining the Team during our additional practices (Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday). You are not expected to attend every practice, but you are expected to attend one Team (preferably Thursday) and one Club (preferably Friday) practice a week, plus one PRA practice/tournament per month. 

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There are 5 opportunities per month to practice scoring so that we can evaluate your progress.
Once per month, we have a 30 arrow scoring round (300 Round) during PED practices. Every other Thursday at our Rancho Park practices, we have a 300 Round and/or Team Rounds.
On the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, the PRA hosts a 300 Round ($5 if you are not a member of PRA). You are expected to be able to participate in at least 2 scoring opportunities per month. Your scores qualify for the Pin Achievement Program as well!

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The Survey also includes introductions to the tournaments we plan to register for this year. Please tell us the tournaments in which you are most interested and most likely to attend. This is form is for initial interest and is not yet a hard commitment to upcoming competitions, but registrations are approaching so please consider the options seriously.

*Just as a note, there are costs associated with going to these tournaments for registration, travel, and hotels. 

~~~~Explanation of Costs~~~~

On average, about one third of club members become competitive archers. To reflect this, 30% of dues is dedicated to supporting team efforts, while 15% of dues is put toward Coaches for archer development. We apply each year for University support as well, which varies by our performance and needs. While this does cover a significant amount of competition costs, we must fundraise for remaining costs and leave some costs as out-of-pocket expenses. 

Costs are approximated based on past experience, and will vary depending upon how many people attend each tournament. If you think costs will be a problem, talk to us and we will try to accommodate you. We will be fundraising leading up to the tournaments to try to reduce overall costs. We do expect team members to assist with fundraising efforts.  

Registration fees secure your spot in the tournament. These are always out-of-pocket to enforce commitment. Local competitions generally cost $5-10, while regional and national tournaments average between $80-170. You do not have to attend every one!

While you might not think of it, team jerseys are a competition cost, too. You must wear a jersey when competing at the regional and national levels (and ideally at the local level as well). While we do usually subsidize the cost of the jersey by nearly half, you should expect to spend at least $40 (you get your name on it!) You are more than welcome to purchase more than one, but additional jerseys must be bought at full price (between $60-80 depending on order size). 

Hotel costs are calculated by multiplying the average room rate by the number of nights stayed, divided by the number of people per room. These costs will be largely, if not entirely, covered by the club and fundraising efforts. 

Travel costs are calculated by estimating the total gas cost per car, divided by the number of passengers. These costs might be reduced with fundraising efforts. 

Meals are not provided and are out-of-pocket. The complete trip for a tournament generally runs from Friday night to Sunday night, so expect to cover a weekend’s worth of meals. The club does provide water and snacks during tournament hours, and often hotels will include a light breakfast, leaving you to cover lunch and dinner. If you have ANY dietary restrictions, please contact us well in advance so that we can plan ahead to meet your needs. 

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We hope to see many of you join us at team practices in the near future! We would love to take as many members as possible to these tournaments to represent USC, but more importantly to show your progress and passion for archery!

Shoot On!

The September Social

With the month of September winding down, we are happy to report that the club practices are going strong! We have taught over 150 new archers, many of whom have since joined as official club members.

In light of the new members’ dedication to return to the same place every Friday night and launch projectiles into giant foam Oreos, we at Trojan Archery decided to forgo our traditional practice sessions with one celebrating their arrival in the world of collegiate archery. Pizza was served (seven boxes to be exact, all of which were devoured in less time than it takes to set up an Olympic recurve bow), and conversations of the social kind were held between members across all of USC’s various schools (a computational neuroscientist and a musician walked into a bar…). Games were played, as well: teams of archers strove to outdo their competitors at the all-hallowed tic-tac-toe, while others, taking our unofficial slogan of saving the bees to heart, aimed at honeycombs rather than our pollinary little pals.

The night was closed with a 300 scoring round, because what better way to end the evening with some good old-fashioned bulls-eyes? Several of our new members shot the official USA Archery format, many of whom earned their first pins. We look forward to watching their progress as they further their journey into the arcane study of the bow and arrow.

Until next time, shoot on!

Back to the Beginning

Welcome back archers! We hope your semester is off to a great start. The first three weeks of Beginner and Returner Practices were a success! Thanks to the hard work of our instructors and executive board, we have been able to host over one hundred beginning archers since the start of the semester.

If you were not able to attend any of the first time archery sessions, then you’re in luck! In response to the overwhelming interest in our club, we are hosting additional Beginners Practice sessions every Wednesday and Friday until the end of September. That makes six more first timer lessons until we close off our practices to returners and club members only!

Remember to subscribe to our newsletter and sign up for the practices. We have to limit the number of archers for each practice do to the availability of instructors and equipment, so don’t wait too long or you may lose your chance!

REMINDER: everyone MUST complete the IMLeagues form on the Practice Sessions page BEFORE attending your first practice. If you have not yet completed this form, please remember that it is a requirement of USC and we will not be able to allow you to join the club without it!



Fall 2018 Practice Schedule

Fellow Archers, get ready to mark your calendars, as here is the information regarding the current practice schedule for Fall 2018!

– Sundays from 10 am to 1 pm at Pasadena Roving Archers;
– Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 10 pm at Rancho Park;
– Fridays from 5 to 9 pm at the South Gym of the PED building on campus.


Announcement for Fall 2018

Greetings Archers, the fall semester is just around the corner! Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates for fall events and practices!

If you’ve never had the chance to try out archery, now is the time to experience a new sport. We will provide all the basic equipment and training necessary for you to kickstart your archery career! More importantly, you will be joining a community of friendly archers that are all passionate and committed to the sport!

Visit our table at Rec Fest this Thursday, August 16th, from 4:00 – 6:00 PM on Brittingham Field. Ask us about the club and team, and check out some of our gear. For every Facebook like and email we receive, we will give away free archery buttons!

We will also be at the Involvement Fair (on Trousdale Parkway) on Wednesday the 22nd of August if you are unable to attend the Rec Fest. We will be there from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm. Come to visit our booth and join our club!

Practices will begin on Friday the 24th of August. Sign-ups will be sent through our newsletter. Before attending your first practice of the year, you must fill out the IMLeagues Participation Form and Waivers found on the Practice Sessions page.

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PRA Power Presence at CA State Games (and Beyond)

With the results of the California State Games out, we at Trojan Archery would like to recognize the performance of our fellow archers-in-arms from the Pasadena Roving Archers, many of whom garnered places on the podium for their respective divisions.

The tournament featured individual events at 3 different distances and a total of 90 scored arrows, with archers split into divisions based on age and discipline (compound, Olympic recurve, etc); the distance of their designated targets, which ranged from 10 meters to 60, was also determined by this categorization system.

Congratulations to all PRA Archers that participated in the tourney, especially Dean (who won a gold medal in the Bowman Boys Compound division), Heather (gold medal in Bowman Girls Barebow), Oliver (bronze medal in Cub Boys Compound) and Pat Jeffreys (bronze in Masters Mens Compound).

On the other side of the country, meanwhile, PRA JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) Jordan Fong participated in the JOAD Outdoor National Championship in Raleigh, North Carolina, as a member of USA Archery’s Regional Dream Team. Jordan, a hopeful future Trojan archer, finished 39th out of 97 archers in the Recurve Cadet Men division, and garnered a bronze medal in the team rounds.

Congratulations, and until next time, shoot on!

Announcements Galore, Part 2

In addition to our updated leadership board, times and locations for summer practices have also been posted. Please see the practice sessions page for a more detailed description of requirements for participation.

Monday/Thursday: Rancho Park Archery Range, 7-10:00 PM

Sunday: Pasadena Roving Archers Range, 10:00 AM-1:00 PM

There is no on-campus practice for the summer schedule, but workshops for various aspects of the sport, such as grip-building, may be held. In order to participate in practice and/or workshops, you must consult with club president Dan Kwasniewski and pay summer dues before you receive clearance to join.

Announcements Galore, Part 1

To say that the past month or so has brought with it a plethora of updates for Trojan Archery would be a vast understatement, dear readers.

To start, Trojan Archery has elected a brand-new Executive Board for the 2018-2019 school year, featuring a diverse mix of returning archers as well as newer, though certainly eager, faces. (Apparently the pull to join the dark side was particularly powerful this year). The current roster stands as follows:

Club President- Dan Kwasniewski

Vice President/Equipment Manager: Hei Leong

Barebow Captain: Alexandra Aloia

Olympic Recurve Captain: Bibek Samanta

Secretary: Grace O’Rourke

Treasurer: Laurel Paxton

Education Director: Huy Phan

Media & Communications Committee: Brandon Chung (Head), Justin Cheng, Caesar (Mingyu) Cui

Social Events: Simon Trinh (Head), Henry Connor, Leigh Sun

For a more complete profile of the E-Board, please visit the Leadership page.


And Two Rose From the Ashes

It has been a busy month for Trojan Archery, dearest readers.

Following on the heels of the National Indoor Championships we have been swamped with all sorts of new preparation. The most pressing of which was preparing ourselves for outdoor competition. For those unfamiliar with the shooting formats, all of the competitions mentioned in our posts so far were “indoor” competition which are shot at 18 meters (~20 yards). For the remainder of the season, all of our competitions, and for that matter most of the competition hosted by official entities in the archery world, will be “outdoor” and or “field” competitions. Besides from literally moving all of the shooting outdoors, the the distances at which archers shoot from will now range anywhere from 30 to 70 meters (a little over 75 yards). For us, this means heavily ramping up our bow poundage and getting used to shooting in outdoor conditions.

All of this hard work culminated for our competitive team members at the Western Regional Outdoor Collegiate Championships. Overall this was a learning experience for our team as this was the largest contingent we have sent to an outdoor competition in quite a few years. That is not to say that we did not have some outstanding archers within our ranks.

We would like to recognize George Park and Chanuwas (New) Aswamenakul for their great performance at Western Regional. This was their first time at outdoor competitions and they led our team in scores during the qualification rounds, placing in the top half and top third respectively in their division. Additionally, we would like to give a HUGE shoutout and congratulation to Jacob Broussard, our breakout compound shooter, for placing third in men’s qualifier, second in men’s elimination, and made the men’s All West compound team! Check below for pictures of our team from the competition, Jacob’s sweet, sweet medals, and an unintentional three-man horse ride.

West Regional marks the end of the competition season for most of our archers. However, our recurve Captain, Max Zade, will be going to the National Outdoor Collegiate Championship in May. We wish you the best of luck, Max.

Until next time, fellow Trojans, shoot on!