Welcoming Our New Members


Now that we are winding down the “test drive” period for the club, we will start handing out membership packages. Your package includes a club T-shirt, a stretch band, some adorable pins, and an awesomely pristine curriculum card. You can pick up your membership package from an officer during any of our on campus practice.

We are also going to start skill development in full force. This will take the form of mini seminars led by our captain, Max Zade, or one of our other certified instructors. Topics range from more in-depth discussion of things you already know (hook, grip, and anchor) to more advance topics (NTS shot cycle, posture, mental games). These sessions will be offered and repeated several time throughout the semester at our on campus practices.


Finally, join us on Friday, October 6th, 6:30-8:30PM for the New Member Social!
There will  be pizza, beverages, conversations of the social variety, and some casually competitive archery. We’ll shoot at a variety of mystery objects (balloons? stuffed animals? that stupidly cute arrow puller shaped like a cat?), and there may even be some pins up for grabs. Keep in mind that you must be officially registered with the club on IMLeague, have all your forms completed, and be up to date on your dues to be considered an official member.

See you at practice, and until then, shoot on!

On an Upward Trajectory


With the month of September winding down, we are happy to report that the club practices are going strong! We have taught over 200 new archers and many of them are coming back for more as official club members.

Now that our member roster is filling up, we will begin to shift focus towards providing our members with the training and skill development that will take them beyond the basics and potentially into the competitive season in the spring.

For those who have not taken the beginner class yet:
We are reducing the number of beginner classes offered, but they will still be on-going for the next few weeks. For more information and to receive sign-up e-mails for the beginner class, subscribe to our mailing list.

For those who have taken a beginner class and would like to join the club:
To become an official member, you will need to join the Archery club on IMLeague and fill out all forms and waivers (a link can be found on the Practice Sessions page). You WILL NOT be allowed to attend practice without these forms completed starting the week of October 2nd. We also expect for you to submit your club dues when attending your 3rd practice. Dues can be submitted to Dan or Anthony during any of our on campus practice.


Beginner’s Luck!


Welcome back archers! We hope your semester had a great start. The first Trojan Archery Beginners Practice was a success! Thanks to the hard work of our instructors, we were able to host nearly 40 beginner archers in one session.

If you were not able to attend Wednesday’s practice, then you’re in luck! In response to the overwhelming interest in our club, we are hosting an additional Beginners Practice session this Friday. That makes TWO Beginners Practice sessions back to back. Our instructors will be working with 80 new archers!

We will be hosting Beginners Practice sessions next week as well, so remember to subscribe to the newsletter and sign up for the practices. We can only take so many archers for one practice, so don’t wait too long or you may lose your spot!

REMINDER: everyone MUST complete the IMLeagues form on the Practice Sessions page BEFORE attending your first practice. If you have not yet completed this form, please remember that it is a requirement of USC and we will not be able to welcome you into the club without it!

Trojan Archery Fall Events


The fall semester is upon us! Follow us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter to receive updates for fall events and practices!

Visit our table at Rec Fest this Thursday, August 17th, from 4-6PM on Brittingham Field. Ask us about the club and team, and check out some of our gear. For every Facebook like and email we receive, we will give away free archery buttons! 

Practices begin the second week of the semester. Sign ups will be sent through our newsletter. Before attending your first practice of the year, you must fill out the IMLeagues Participation Form and Waivers (see Practice Sessions).

Practice Schedule: 
Beginners Practice

  • Aug 30 – 5:30-7:30PM
  • Sept 1 – 5:30-7:30PM
  • Sept 6 – 5:30-7:30PM
  • Sept 8 – 5:30-7:30PM

Returners Practice

  • Sept 1 – 7:30-8:30PM
  • Sept 8 – 7:30-8:30PM

Funding for the Future


Image result for usa archeryHuge thanks to USA Archery’s Collegiate Archery Program for awarding Trojan Archery with a grant to purchase much needed bales and updated equipment.

Thanks to the Recreational Club Council (RCC) at USC for awarding us funding for additional improvements and support for our competitive team.

Thanks also to the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and the Graduate Student Government (GSG) at USC for supporting club sports.


We will continue to grow and succeed thanks to your support! Shoot on!